Startup Port Harcourt Week is more than a conference, it’s a celebration! This annual event will bring together leading and budding founders from within and outside Port Harcourt, local leaders, innovators, thought/change leaders, and friends together over seven days to build momentum, explore opportunities, and tackle together the many challenges of the startup ecosystem in Port Harcourt. The core mission of Startup Port Harcourt Week is to celebrate outstanding entrepreneurial endeavors, develop and support the growing startup ecosystem in the city, and creating a path for startups to scale from ideas to global corporations. Over the course of the week ... read more

Theme: Startup Port Harcourt - Collaboration for a Sustainable Ecosystem


November 26th - December 2nd 2017

Pitch Port Harcourt

50 Startups to Watch

Port Harcourt Hackathon

Office Hours


Food Festival


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