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Startup Port Harcourt Week Open Day 2019… in the words of Andrew Banigo

The Port Harcourt Startup Community is flourishing, and it is great to be able to say that! After years of nurturing the seed of this community, sowed with a clear vision and watered with hard work, innovation, selflessness and optimism, the shoots of the community are out in the open and its green promising foliage […]

Startup Port Harcourt Week 2019 Open Day 1 |My Story by Fortune Sipay

Speaking to the public was never a problem for me, doing it comfortably was… Growing up from childhood, I have never had an issue standing in front of an audience, the boldness naturally comes from within especially when I am very conversant with the topic concerned. Startup Port Harcourt Week Open Day 1 surprisingly marked […]

PORT HARCOURT: The Garden City of Culture and Technology – Professor Emeritus E J Alagoa OON, NNOM, dssrs

  Port Harcourt was conceived by the British colonial rulers in 1913 as a central building block of their emerging Nigeria project. The old Township, Harbour, Railway Station, Market, Commercial District and old Government Residential Area (GRA), were position alongside the Waterside and surrounding rural communities to create a unique melting pot of cultures of […]

When I think of Port Harcourt, I think of evolution – Sotonye Odugbemi (Video)

My name is Dr. Sotonye Odugbemi and I was raised in Port Harcourt. When I think of Port Harcourt, I think of evolution; the ability to transform, to change according to the circumstances across time. Historically we’ve known Port Harcourt as a trading port, as a garden city, and more recently in the past few […]

We can see a lot of tech hubs coming out in Port Harcourt – Fortune Bekee Cofounder,

Hello Port Harcourt. My name is Fortune Bekee, Co-founder and CEO of Ikoku online is an effort by myself and my co-founder Mr. Emmanuel Ogochukwu to help car owners to live a more stress-free life while dealing with issues relating to their car. Now we’ve have done that by providing an online shop where […]

I see Port Harcourt as that fast growing African city – Ngowari Diminas Cofounder, CAFEW (Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide)

Hello, My name is Ngowari Diminas and I am the founder of CAFEW which is the acronym for Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide and that is a platform for female engineers who are willing to connect, to learn and to inspire other female engineers. You can follow us on Twitter or Instagram or on Facebook […]