We can see a lot of tech hubs coming out in Port Harcourt – Fortune Bekee Cofounder, Ikokuonline.com

Hello Port Harcourt. My name is Fortune Bekee, Co-founder and CEO of ikokuonline.com.

Ikoku online is an effort by myself and my co-founder Mr. Emmanuel Ogochukwu to help car owners to live a more stress-free life while dealing with issues relating to their car. Now we’ve have done that by providing an online shop where car owners can browse any car part they want and place an order for it. We’ll deliver this car parts right at their homes and offices also on the online platform, we also provided a mechanic section where car owners can describe what they are experiencing with their car and as well book a mechanic job for us to come to their homes or offices to have their cars fixed.

Our car parts and services are guaranteed and our customer care service is the best in the industry. You might ask us why we decided to go into this. Well, 80 percent of cars imported into Nigeria are used cars. So what does this mean, this means there is always going to be a rise for spare parts. Over the years we have found out that mechanics sometimes sell lower grade parts and at the end of the day have car owners paying more than they are supposed to pay in a shortened period of time for car part.

We’ve brought up the solution so that car owners will have a stress-free life with dealing with their car needs. We started in 2017 and I will tell you, it’s not been easy. When we started, people in this region were not embracing e-commerce. We had to do a lot of convincing, but as of today, people are embracing this line of getting things done. What this means is we are seeing tech becoming a big deal here in Port Harcourt and we are seeing people embracing tech and the number of technological solutions coming up. We have seen a lot of tech hubs coming up. We have also seen a lot of tech events as well. This was not the case of back then in 2015, 2016, but because of all these startups like ikoku online, a lot of young people are seen to go into tech because it is here, it is now.

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