Startup Port Harcourt Week 2019 Open Day 1 |My Story by Fortune Sipay

Speaking to the public was never a problem for me, doing it comfortably was…

Growing up from childhood, I have never had an issue standing in front of an audience, the boldness naturally comes from within especially when I am very conversant with the topic concerned.

Startup Port Harcourt Week Open Day 1 surprisingly marked the first time I spoke to an audience and felt butterflies in my tummy, yeah I know that only happens when you see someone you really like but then it happened.

I was not scared, I did not doubt myself, yet I cannot particularly explain what I felt at the initial state of the presentation. The event was graced by the presence of Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Dr Mrs Ipalibo Banigo who at her arrival requested we sang the National Anthem after which the first section of the open day 1 began. The first section was handled by myself and my colleague Chiamaka Ibekwe. After all the formalities and introduction, we headed straight to the official brochure for Startup Port Harcourt Week 2019 which was our guide through the presentation.

Chiamaka Boma Ibekwe, Fortune Sipay

Like I earlier mentioned, I did not feel so comfortable at the beginning of the presentation until a few moments later when I finally adjusted, thanks to my colleague Chiamaka Ibekwe, she unknowingly lifted my spirit (Hey! young lady, you are allowed to blush only for a little while), secondly, I quickly realized the undeniable fact that I was trying to impress and at such I was not being myself, the moment that realization came, I adjusted and remaining part of the presentation was better than I imagined it. Like my boss will always say, Life has a way of always throwing you into the ocean and at that point, you are left with only two options, you either swim or sink, we did a good job swimming our way to the shore.

Ernest Wobo, Michael Karibi Williams, Chiamaka Boma Ibekwe, Fortune Sipay, Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo The Deputy Governor of Rivers State

In course of the event, we had different presentation sections, about 6 if I am not mistaking, what I observed was that I had different feelings with the different audiences I encountered, the reason why for every presentation that requires a number of audiences, you have to be really prepared. With each presentation we did together up until the last one I did alone I came to a conclusion that if you must climb that stage, if you must give that speech, if you must make that presentation, no matter how little you think of its impact, go prepared!

The event which was hosted in Marley&Blue, a coffee shop, as one of the supporters among Honey Flow Africa, Throway and Friends From The Diaspora, finally came to an end with coffee, cake and of course networking.

So here you go, when next you have a presentation like mine, go prepared, don’t get scared, don’t get shy, just do it! Be you!

Michael Karibo WIlliams, Chiamaka Boma Ibekwe, Fortune Sipay, Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Bereni D. Fiberesima, Prof. Emuobonuvie Amy Emerhi
Her Excellency Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo with some members of the Port Harcourt Tech Startup Ecosystem

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