When I think of Port Harcourt, I think of evolution – Sotonye Odugbemi (Video)

My name is Dr. Sotonye Odugbemi and I was raised in Port Harcourt.

When I think of Port Harcourt, I think of evolution; the ability to transform, to change according to the circumstances across time.

Historically we’ve known Port Harcourt as a trading port, as a garden city, and more recently in the past few decades, Port Harcourt was renowned as an oil city.

Along with its history, Port Harcourt has a rich culture, with languages and diverse music, cloth, art, and poetry.

With its rich history and culture, the question really is – What will Port Harcourt do next?

How will she adapt to the changing world around her? I believe that the answer to this question in part is technology. The second part of the answer to the question is legacy because we are a part of the history and a part of the present of Port Harcourt, but we dream of a future; a legacy that we can leave for our children and for our children’s children.

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